Yoni Massage

22 January 2016

At London’s top tantric massage agency Minx Massage, we have genuinely lesbian and bisexual masseuses to tease and seduce you to a state of ecstasy! Our beautiful tantric goddesses are highly trained and experienced in Yoni Massage (‘’sacred spot’’) and know just how to touch and massage the female body to make you feel deeply relaxed, calm and in the moment. She will focus on arousing the sexual energy in your body and manipulating that energy so that it flows around every part of you. Various techniques will be used, depending on your personal preference, but rest assured your charming, tantric masseuse will want to please you!


During your tantric massage, you will experience new and deep sensations as waves of pleasure build up deep within you. Any stress or misgivings will simply melt away as the delicious feelings engulf you, giving you an experience of pleasure that you may not have thought possible. Afterwards, you will feel rejuvenated, content, and at peace with the world, as all your negative energy will have been released.


If this is your first tantric massage or your first sensual encounter with another woman, do feel free to ask our friendly receptionists any queries you may have as we are fully aware you may have lots of questions for us, which is normal for first time clients. We will be able to recommend the right masseuse for your requirements, and have quite a few masseuses who are also perfect if you are a nervous first timer. Do also feel free to talk to your masseuse in depth about what you wish to experience during the session, if you wish to have such a conversation. She will be sensitive to your feelings and know intuitively how to get you to relax. After all, your tantric masseuse is trained in all aspects of tantric massage and knows how to pleasure lesbian and bisexual women, or women that are curious about their feelings and what their bodies can achieve.


A tantric massage is all about the integration of body, mind and spirit and achieving a spiritual connection as well as a physical one. Put quite simply, your tantric masseuse will take great pleasure herself in making you feel fantastic!


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