Treat Yourself With Tantra

22 July 2017

Sometimes you simply need a good pampering session. Maybe life has got you down for some reason, maybe you are sad over a break up or maybe you just feel that you deserve to be pampered simply because you are an incredible person. Whatever it is London has plenty of places for your pampering needs! But if you truly are looking for the best of the best and an experience that will make you feel like all your troubles have just melted away and you are truly being pampered then you need to try tantric massages.

A tantric massage is a massage based solely on the pleasure of the body, mind and spirit. It is a sensual massage that is done completely in the nude with a tantric therapist treating your body to nothing but the very best stimulation that you have ever felt. From every touch to every words and every movement you will be involved as an active member of the massage the whole time. These massages do not seek to recreate the sexual act but that does not make them any less important when it comes to learning about your sensuality or feeling great. Each moment of your massage is catered to your needs and through her intuition she will be able to tell exactly what you need when you need it. For some people that is pleasure that is invigorating and passionate and for others that will be a massage that is all about gentleness and sensuality. Whatever you need your masseuse will provide and all while keeping close and arousing contact with your body. Every part of your skin will be touched so this is definitely a massage for adults only! You will feel sensually stimulated and while it is not the main goal of the massage both men and women sometimes experience orgasmic pleasure from the experience. In the end however the goal is to get you to experience what is commonly called a full body orgasm which is what happens when your mind, body and spirit all come together and you feel complete.

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