Transcending The Physical

03 April 2018

A Client's Perspective

My experience with tantric massages hasn't always been something I like to share with others. For a long time I was actually ashamed of it because of the sexual connotation that tantric massages have been saddled with. Of course tantric massages are sexy, of course there is sensuality and sometimes there are even orgasms associated with them... but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. More than anything, for me tantric massages have always been first and foremost a spiritual experience.


What Sensual Massage in London Has Taught Me

I was never a very spiritual person but through tantra I have found that my connection to the world has been greatly expanded, greatly cemented and greatly reaffirmed. It’s not a question of being a hippie dippy silly man but a question of realizing that there is a lot more to life than the stress I live in and put myself through.  The human contact that I have through tantric massages is truly what makes the difference. I wasn’t a virgin when my journey started but I had never truly felt the power of touch quite like I did when I had my first tantric massage. It literally took my breath away.


Moving Beyond A Sexy Massage To A Spiritual Connection

To feel so close to someone, to feel so close to myself was simply and experience that I don’t hesitate to call divine. I was hooked from that moment. A hand so carefully placed, a movement so studied, performed with such care that it makes your whole body aroused and connected to the present moment. That’s what spirituality felt like to me. It goes way beyond the sensual aspect or even the mental aspect but a combination of all those elements to create the perfect storm where real introspection and connection can happen. 


True Tanric Massage London Satisfaction

Maybe you came to this article looking for some sexy descriptions of tantric massages, maybe you were expecting something along the lines of how fun the massages are or if you can orgasm from them...They certainly do afford these opportunities, and many more.  But what appeals to me even more is that tantric massages are so much more than what you get at face value. They are deeply personal, extremely sensual but above all, to me, they transcend the erotic to something even more satisfying.

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