Touch & Tantric Massage

27 February 2017

One of the things men that come to tantric massages in London learn is that they really do enjoy being touched. This might not seem so surprising but when it comes to the media and even the porn industry men aren’t really seen as objects of adoration. They’re either seen as aggressive and long lasting stallions or they are the ones that always start (and end) sensual escapades. Rarely is the man seen as the one that likes to lay back and enjoy being touched and pampered. This is seen as something a man does to a woman because her body is beautiful and she deserves to be praised and worshiped. But men deserve to be praised and worshiped too and their bodies are just as yearning for the physical attention. But when a man comes to a tantric massage and gets to experience for the first time what it is to truly be worshiped and touched that’s when they begin to understand why through Tantra you learn to also take better control of your ability to manage your sexual energy, harnessing it in a way which is more beneficial to both yourself and your partners.

The fact you’re not being rushed and you’re enjoying all these new sensations of exploration will send your mind into a frenzy of excitement and pleasure. It’s not that you have never been touched before but that you have likely never been touched and teased for so long before. The longer the touching and worshiping happens the longer you’ll be able to keep a rhythm of pleasure that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Your body will find new ways to adapt to this change of pace and you’ll notice how much longer you’re able to manage your own sexual energies. 

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