The Sensuality of Touch

17 December 2015


The importance of touch is underrated in today’s fast paced society, and yet to be touched in a sensual and nurturing way by someone with whom we can lose ourselves in the present moment, shrugging off the cares of the outside world in order to reconnect with our sensory needs, carries many health benefits- physical, psychological and sexual.

Our London tantric masseuses use the power of sensual touch to enable total physical relaxation, to awaken sensory perceptions, to trigger feel-good endorphins and to heighten arousal levels. As experts in the art of Tantra, our stunning Minxes are well versed in the powerful sensations which their touch can unlock, and as such our London tantric massage girls love to use a range of sensual techniques so that you may experience the bliss of true tantric relaxation.

Touch is a basic human need, which too often we deprive ourselves of due to fast paced lifestyles which can preclude intimacy with partners, or which can prevent us from having ample time to connect with our own sensual needs. A tantric massage is the perfect antidote to this, providing a space in which to enjoy the simple pleasures of touch, relaxation and arousal with a companion who loves to bring pleasure.

The physiological benefits of touch have been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety, as being touched sensitively by another person acts as a physiological trigger to release feel-good endorphins which serve to relax us.

The intimate bond of trust created during a sensual tantric massage can also be an ideal arena in which to explore one’s sensuality, safe in the knowledge that your companion shares your desire to explore arousal through the means of her sensual touch which is a central tenet of tantric massage practice.

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