The Erotic Art Of Tantric Massage

21 April 2018

The most alluring aspect of tantric massages for new clients tends to be how sexy they are, and the excitement of imagining how the body to body part of the massage will feel. And it’s true, this is an exceptionally erotic and exciting sensation. Though tantric massages are not just sexy because of this alone. A true tantric massage is actually deeper and much more powerful than that.

Tantric massages are made even more sexy because your masseuse knows a secret that you might not be privy to; that your body feels sensual excitement when you are content. When we feel safe with someone, when we feel great around then then we might feel sensually aroused. The simple reason for this is that when we are happy, passionate or excited our body produces the chemicals necessary for us to feel aroused.

Touch is a big component of that. When we allow touch to happen in a way that is meaningful then arousal tends to happen. So, your tantric masseuse uses meaningful touch along with relaxing touch in order to make you feel content, happy and satisfied which then makes you feel as if what is going on is, indeed, the sexiest experience in the world.

A tantric masseuse simply wields the power of touch that we all hold inside of ourselves. A power that is based on making you feel safe, wanted and loved. These are truly the components of a satisfying body to body massage. You don’t need smoke and mirrors when the reality is that our bodies all crave the same thing even if we don’t realize it.

In the end tantric massages when performed by a truly skilled masseuse are nothing but authentic and that’s also what makes tantric massages in London some of the best in the world.

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