The Benefits of Sensuality

11 June 2016

Have you ever heard about how tantric massage can be a good workout? Of course there is the fact you’re moving around but what else does tantric massage ‘work out’?

The fact is that humans are sensual beings and we need sensuality to be a healthy part of our lives. The frequency and amount are personal preference but the truth is that we need at least some sort of sensual release in order to feel completely at home with ourselves and our bodies. This has been shown throughout history as many women have been treated for hysteria due to lack of sensual energy being moved through their bodies.

But sensual energy doesn’t just help us physically. Psychologically many people are scared to intimate with others because they fear their bodies are simply not good enough for such physical closeness At Minx Massage it’s part of our mission to remind those that are willing to experience a tantric massage that your body is worthy of being pleased and that you can learn how to please yourself. A wonderful side effect of this is that while you are feeling yourself become accustomed to being stimulated and worshiped by a beautiful woman you’ll start to build some much needed confidence in yourself to spread into the world. By accepting yourself being touched and pampered you are essentially telling yourself you’re good enough for it. Telling yourself this over and over has a wonderful uplifting effect and eventually can lead to you buzzing with the need to touch others too. Not only will you be wanting to but suddenly you’ll have the tools to please anyone you come in contact with.

Talking to your masseuse is also a great way to help your self-esteem. Many people develop a deep and lasting friendship with their masseuses who can help them regain some self-love. It’s easy to think this person is just there for a massage but you’ll soon realise it’s so much more than that. Let her be a friend and a teacher and that way she can help you during and after a massage. 

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