Tantric Massages Close To Hyde Park

09 July 2018

There has been a long running myth that anger is a great thing for sex. The idea that a couple that fights also has a great sex life has been seen in Hollywood movies since the beginning of time. But this is truly JUST a myth. In fact research shows that so-called angry sex and make u sex tend to muddle relationships and make at least one of the participants feel badly. So, if you’re looking for great and passionate sex what you need to do is learn to relax.

If you are relaxed around someone then you are able to be truly passionate with that person. This is something you quickly learn when you try a tantric massage in Hyde Park.

Tantric massages in Hyde Park have been around for decades but more and more people are finding that these massages can benefit you in ways you never even thought possible. In fact learning how to relax and how to be comfortable in your own body is the number one goal of tantric massages in Hyde Park.

Tantric massages are more about how you feel with yourself and around others than about having sex. What a tantric masseuse in Hyde Park teaches you is that the more relaxed you are around the person you are with then the more passionate the sex can be.

When we are tense or angry we are only out to please ourselves. The sex becomes one sided and it can be good in a physical sense but leaves you feeling underwhelmed overall. Whereas couples who have sex when they are relaxed and happy report that their orgasms are better and they are able to last longer and control themselves more when it comes to their bodies.

So, learn how to relax, learn how to be comfortable with what you want and who you are and in the end… have better sex.

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