Tantric Massage in London

18 September 2016

When you think of an erotic massage many people have a very set idea of what that entails… those ideas are usually mistaken, to say the least. Tantric massages are different for everyone. Many people that have massages actually describe it as a rather peaceful and satisfying experience. Many men and women actually enjoy being gently touched, just feathered with a fingertip. Many people also enjoy the deep massage all over their bodies just as much as the sensual and teasing touch which our sessions include.

Tantric massages actually are a form of meditation and that makes them deeply relaxing and highly spiritual. The description of ecstasy is actually very much akin to that of nirvana. The only difference is the way the state is achieved but in reality they’re both states of pure bliss where you feel one and connected with nature, your body, your mind and everyone around you. It’s a powerful and deeply touching experience that can be overwhelming and beautiful. So yes, tantric massages can be about the sensuality of it all but they can also be about healing, about spirituality, about connecting deeply not just with another person but with the most important person to you… you.

This is also why once you’ve had a couple of tantric massages you can begin practicing tantric arts on your own too, to compliment the teachings your masseuse is bestowing on you. Getting to know your own body and your own self is just as important to Tantra as sharing that with those around you. So, don’t pass judgment and keep an open mind because you might always be surprised and surprises can be very, very good. 

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