Tantric Massage for Women

20 May 2016

It is incredible that in this day and age women are still twice (or sometimes three times!) as likely as men to complain about loss of libido. People seem to think that this lack of libido is due to the inability to achieve orgasm but this has been proven to be false. Most women that experience a lowering of their libido have perfect capabilities in reaching an orgasm but simply don’t find the motivation to experience sexual pleasure. This brings on a whole other heap of problems from depression to isolation.

Fortunately, for many women there are now many ways to treat their lack of libido (regardless of the cause) with therapies that are natural and can counter act dangerous medications that could contribute to the problem rather than eliminate it. Tantric massages are a great opportunity for a woman to get back in touch with her sexuality as it places her in the center of the sensual experience and gives her the tools to tap into her sensual energy.

The massage starts with both women being on even playing fields in every aspect. Then the masseuse will begin to center the woman by coating her body with warm oils and allowing them to gently penetrate the client’s skin allowing for the gliding of the masseuse’s hands to be easy and effective. Then there is a series of exercises and touches done to awaken the latent lust within the client. Within minutes (and sometimes less!) the client starts to feel the stirring of her body reacting to the touch and affection it’s being offered and the stress of ‘performing’ melts away, leaving only the sensation of the masseuse’s soothing caresses. Through these motions and controlled breathing a woman is able to open herself to the experience of regaining the power over her body and, at the same time, giving into her bodily impulses and achieving the sensual desire she was so lacking. 

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