Tantric Breathing Techniques

02 July 2016



There are so many things about our bodies we take for granted. Think of all the things your body has got you through today when your mind thought it was done? Think about how many times your heart has beat, your eyes have blinked and your lungs have filled with air. Yes, we ignore all these things and one of them we even have control over: breathing. Breathing is one of those body functions we tend to ignore because it’s always there. We cannot not breathe. But there’s a difference between breathing to simply survive and breathing with purpose. Breathing with purpose and in the right pace is very important, and it’s an integral part of one of the most intimate things humans can experience.

Knowing how to properly control your breathing is a very important if you want to achieve your full potential both in meditation and in terms of your sensuality. Learning to be mindful and in control of your breathing patterns can make sensual moments a more long-lasting and profound experience. Not only is this helpful for you but for anyone who you share the experience with, as well. Think of the gentle breathing of someone against your skin and hearing the small peculiarities of someone who’s in the throes of passion. Think of how different it feels when someone touches you if you’re holding your breath or panting or simply breathing easily. Breathing is very much a part of the sexual experiences as any other. Controlling your breathing and the power your breath holds is something that tantric massages focus heavily on.

Through a tantric massage you’ll find that exhaling and inhaling air is just as important as the oils used and the hands that touch you. As you thrust yourself into the tantric experience your breathing will become more and more something you do with purpose rather than to simply exist.  


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