Tantra To Reconnect

04 February 2017

Well, another week has passed and I hope that it has been a good one for you all. I have been busy as usual, including chatting to someone who remarked that having a Tantra massage had made him more in tune with his body in relation to what he likes and needs. So I thought that it would be a good idea to look at that this week.

As you may know a Tantra Massage involves many things including breathing techniques, sensual touches, an exotic mix of feelings, an array of thoughts, wonderful sights and sounds, and even more. For those who regularly have a tantra massage it can often bring their body to the height of both emotional and sexual energy, releasing pent up feelings and emotions which make their whole body feel lighter and more free. Like a wonderful cleanse or de-clutter for both body and mind.

But to get to that stage there can often be some soul searching and self reflection. This could be seen as a negative. But is in fact a very positive effect of Tantra. In our everyday lives we are used to having a lot of control over our emotions or feelings. If something feels too emotional or sexy we might, at times, walk away. Not always quite knowing how to deal with those thoughts or feelings. But those energies are amazing and it would be a shame not to use them in a positive way such as to enhance our emotional health or love lives.

A Tantra massage can help with this. It can often help to make you more in tune with your own body. This is because of the sights, sounds, emotions, energies, and feelings that can surface during a Tantra massage. The masseuse is the expert. So they will often tell you what to do instead of you needing to think about it. This leaves you free to hear more than usual, to feel, and enjoy more than usual too. To have more energy just for you, rather than you needing to use it as is often the case.

Because of this you then learn what feels, smells, and sounds good like never before. It allows you to put all of your energy into those areas. To really be aware when something feels good, and to have the opportunity to find new places you never knew you wanted to be touched before. Because of that you should become more in tune with your body and be on a really wonderful journey to Tantra Heaven.

Clara xx


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