Tantra Improves Happiness

25 July 2016

What makes people happy? Of course there are many answers to this question that come from outside sources but what, in truth makes someone truly happy? The real answer to this is that we have a set of chemicals that are released whenever we experience pleasure and that those are the real culprits of our happiness. Why the chemicals are secreted, however, is much more personal but speaking on a grand scale meaningful human interactions make us happy. Being around people we love makes us happy and making deep connections makes those chemicals come alive inside of you and give you a boost to your happiness.

However, we live in a world where making deep and meaningful connections has almost become a naughty-word. We don’t want deep and meaningful and sometimes even see it as a mistake to allow someone in. We shelter ourselves behind our glass screens and pretend that the world out there is not real and can’t hurt us. We pay thousands of dollars to therapists who also pretend to have a connection with us and yet are told to keep ‘professional’ distant when what we need sometimes is simply a friend.

This has left so many people alone in a world filled with communication. Some of us have forgotten how to even connect meaning that all those hormones and chemicals that are made to make us happy aren’t being produced. Our receptors are starved for that human touch, for that person we can talk to and can make us feel like we belong to this world and aren’t simply a spectator in it.

Where does one turn to then? My suggestion is to look back at the arts of the past, before we became cold and chastised. The art of Tantra is there waiting for you and wanting you to discover what it’s like to open up and connect. Your masseuse will open the door for you two to communicate in mind, body and soul. You can talk to her and tell her the truth about your feelings. They can become a friend beyond the massage; you can feel like someone actually cares about you because once you open up to someone like that you cannot not care. 

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