Tantra for Well Being

28 June 2016

We are always looking for the next thing we can change about ourselves to make us happier. There’s always a new diet, a new way to fall asleep faster, new meditations to do to achieve the best day possible. We draw up schedules feed ourselves right and simply do anything we can to be the best versions of ourselves possible. But we always seem to neglect part of it and a part so important it can encompass all the fore mentioned changes.

When was the last time you made time, actually time, to spend some time exploring your sensual capabilities and how far you can take them? Seems like a silly question to ask because many people think sex simply cannot be scheduled. While that is mostly true it’s important to note that sensual stimulation and sex doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing. The fact is we also have to take care of the sensual sides of ourselves if we truly want to achieve the best version that our life can possibly be.

Tantric massages are a form of meditation that helps with exactly this. It’s a practice that goes back thousands of years and seeks to unveil the hidden potential of allowing ourselves to be truly sensually awoken. It is through ecstasy and sensual realization that our minds can go beyond the normal human condition and ascend much higher into something much greater than ourselves. It’s a way for us to learn to channel our inner most energy and focus on the things that really matter: the here, the now and the pleasure we can give and receive. It’s not a sexual experience but a pampering and revolutionary form of meditation designed to block out fears, deal with pains and get you a place of true and pure bliss. This is an integral part of being kind to yourself, it’s an important part of your life and you owe it to yourself to break free of the mold and seek true enlightenment and inner peace.


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