Tantra For Intimacy

04 June 2016

Many people who come to tantric massages aren’t coming from a place of lack of sex. In fact many people reach to tantric practices to heal their inability to connect to others (among a myriad of other health benefits). Connecting to others seems to be almost a bad thing in today’s fast tracked world. The idea of letting someone in and touch you in a way beyond in a physical way means letting them get to know you outside of the picture perfect instagram posts and truly letting them see the good, the bad and the ugly. We all have those parts in us, making us whole but we lack the trust to show it to someone. Tantric massages work on breaking down these walls through the use of sensual energy. This is the process which helps you learn how to trust.

The use of sensual energy in tantric massages is done because we release chemicals during sexual stimulation that help us concentrate. Everything else is shut off and we are suddenly left with nothing but our perception and the feelings that come from someone touching you in the most intimate of ways. You’re essentially telling a person that they’re allowed to come into you and claim your body but also to nurture it. In this setting, the deepest realms of ourselves may be explored and exposed just enough for you to truly and deeply feel it. You will feel throbbing as you yearn for more and just as you think your walls are completely crumbling under the pressure of the most incredible and deep penetrating thoughts you’ll be jolted back and reminded that you’re still in control. You will be allowed to trust someone perhaps for the first time in a long time.

It’s important to reclaim our trust in ourselves but, perhaps even more so, also our trust in someone else. In London getting to know this wonderful experience is quite simple as the best tantric masseuses are waiting just for you. You just need to take an hour out of your schedule, lay back and relax, and the rest you can learn along the way. 

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