Sports Massage

02 July 2017

Being an athlete means getting injured, it comes with the job description, really. Sometimes those injuries are minor and heal just fine with some help but some other times they leave lingering pain that can truly mess up someone’s career. Not everyone has the millions of dollars and people throwing themselves at them that certain athletes do so knowing where to go for persistent pain is something I had to learn the hard way. I got injured during a couple of tournaments in London and found that every time I was on the field I was simply in pain. Doctor after doctor looked at me but honestly all told me there was nothing they could do and I just had to either find a way to cope with the pain or let it get to me. Thankfully I was in London and I had heard that tantric massages are a great way to deal with pain fast and effectively. So, I booked an appointment  over the phone and before long I found myself waiting for a masseuse to come.

I am not an expert on how tantric massages work but I can say this… pain goes away when you are relaxed and your brain is producing adrenaline and a couple of other pain relieving hormones and tantric masseuses find a way to pump you full of these hormones and make you feel amazing. After the massage it was as if no injury had happened and even the next morning my body still felt relaxed and satisfied. There was so much sensuality in the massage that it was actually enjoyable. I have had massages before but there is always something that aches and hurts or does not feel right. That was not the case here. Of course checking with a doctor is important but giving tantric massages a go for chronic pain (particularly if you are in London) is actually I would recommend to anyone that asked. It’s always a big plus that you actually get to enjoy the massage too. 

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