Sexual Energy

10 June 2017

We all have those nights when we feel sexy. Sexy however is not a term that men typically use for that feeling of power that can sometimes overcome them and help them feel confident, good looking and desirable. In fact most men don’t even talk about feeling desirable without feeling a bit uncomfortable. Western society has told men over and over that they are not sexy, not desirable, not anything other than wild beasts that need to be seen as strong, unfeeling and uncaring. However the truth of the matter is that no matter how much they want to hide it men are actually just as sensitive as women.

Leaving aside any political agenda one can honestly say men and women are biologically very similar and chemically even more so. Men get sexually frustrated, get hurt and sometimes want to feel sexy and be the ones who are taken to a bedroom and shown a wild night. Due to the way we see this in society most avoid women who are willing to fulfill that for them.

This is where tantric massages come in handy for men more so than ever. During a tantric massage a man is not only made to feel sexy but also pampered in a way that is usually reserved for women. They are not treated violently nor are they the ones in charge of the massage… a woman is and she can be tender, she can be kind and she can remind a man that his body is just as worthy of adoration as a woman’s body. He can lie back and enjoy having his curves (because men have them too!) touched, his skin pampered with the most exquisite oils and his spirit actually seen. During their massages they will be encouraged to feel things, not just physically but emotionally too and by the end they will feel far more in touch with their sexual energy.

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