Sensual Energy

07 May 2017

Sensuality is something that we tend to attribute to women. They are always the temptress, the ones that are capable of starting wars thanks to their beauty and wit. The way they walk, the way they move those beautifully rounded lips and how their hips sway from side to side is definitely the definition of sexy. However for men sexy is not a compliment that they hear often and sometimes they can think that if they are called sexy they are being called feminine. Believe it or not this goes back to the main teachings of Tantra where we have two energies that complement each other (male and female) dancing together in order to make a complete being. The One.

The female energy is indeed the one that can tap into the inner most part of us. She is the seductress, the enchantress that can make you feel passion and take you to the place where it is the most concentrated. She is patient and kind but also smart and ambitious. The male energy, on the other hand, is much more energetic, it is the energy of the physical, of power and of strength. They are not opposites but they have what the other lacks. In us both of these energies are roaming and we need to balance them out in order to become more balanced and happier.

Through tantric massages a man can learn how to allow his female energy to come through. It is something that might seem a bit out of the ordinary for him but it is part of him finding his sensuality. He must become submissive, listen, be patient and allow someone to treat his body like if it was a beautiful piece of art. This is something that is usually done for women but men can also enjoy it thoroughly. A masseuse is not just there to make him feel comfortable but also to push him out of his comfort zone, to make him feel all the beauty that he is through her touch and to have him understand that by allowing his female energy to take hold he will suddenly be much more open to receiving pleasure and return it tenfold. 

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