02 October 2016

Living in a city like London can be quite draining. There is always something going on and the place is simply bursting at the seams with concrete and ‘important’ activities all over. It is much like every other big city... it never sleeps. This might sound like a lot of fun to many and it surely is, but there comes a point when you just want it all to stop… a moment of silence and of lights to go out so you can look up and simply see the stars. That sounds rather romantic and maybe it is but then again, humans can be, by nature, rather romantic. Humans need nature and the more isolated from it they feel after a while they start to isolate themselves too. Perhaps you won’t say no to a party but you’ll be in a haze, unable to truly enjoy the time you’re there. This lethargic sort of feeling begins to follow us, weighing us down until we’re basically dragging ourselves with phones going off in our ears and lights flashing before our eyes. You need to stop; you need a moment to slow down and to truly connect with your natural form.

Of course not all of us have the ability to go out and take a weeklong vacation on a beach in Fiji to de-stress. It would be ideal but if you’re stuck in The Big Smoke and still need to have a breather and detoxify your mind and body from all the pollution then maybe it’s time you consider getting a tantric massage.

Tantric massages are not just sexy (which they’re plenty of) but have a way of stripping you down to your truly nude self. Your inhibitions will fly out the window and your sole attention will be placed on what’s going on in your body now. Your body becomes the source of your attention, the source of pleasure and the most natural form of it will be stimulated so that you can finally turn off the lights around you and as you reach ecstasy reconnect with what’s truly important. 

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