Purposeful Touch

18 June 2017

One of the amazing things that tantric massages teach people is the pleasure of purposeful touch. That is to touch when the moment is right, to touch with purpose and not just out of instinct. We touch because we feel it inside that now would be the right time to touch someone and sometimes we simply get it wrong. Touching with purpose adds a whole new dimension to your ability to communicate with another person through non-verbal communication.

Purposeful touch is when you feel a suddenly brush of fingers to your neck, someone running their hand seductively across your back and neck, their touch causing tingles up your spine whilst also focusing your min and your arousal on this present moment, enabling you to still your mind and enhance your pleasure. It is a wonderful sensation isn’t it? And that is what purposeful touch means, to be able to seduce you, to calm you, to bring you back from the inside of your mind to the world through the stimulation of your skin. It can be gentle, it can be passionate, it can be anything you want it to be but above all it has to be purposeful and filled with real emotion and intention. Just like your breathing, your touch should always carry a certain knowledge behind it that with time becomes like instinct and makes every touch you give all the more powerful and meaningful.


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