Pure Tantric Indulgence

10 July 2016

Having a body close to yours, someone’s skin intimately touching every part of you and helping you focus and align your breathing and guiding you through the peaks and drops of your pleasure experience. Being embraced by someone and feeling their heart beat so close it’s almost as if your hearts are beating as one and, before you know it, your body begins to vibrate, to seep pleasure from every organ you can think of. Then just laying back and being allowed to revel in it all. No distractions, no need to worry and just being in that moment, a moment of pure and unadulterated relaxation and bliss. That’s what you can achieve in a tantric massage session. All of that and so much more is available to you if you simply give yourself the time to try it. Allow your body time to relax, to feel and to gain pleasure. The techniques used to stimulate your flow of energy in Tantra can offer this and so much more. Imagine a place where there are no inhibitions and allowing someone to open up to you fully as you grow deeper into them. Think of how wonderful it’d feel to have all of your body lubricated in warm and exotic oils.

And now imagine all that with a truly sensual woman helping you along. Why would you deprive yourself of such an experience? How long has it been since you’ve experienced ecstasy without any boundary or inhibition? Why are you depriving yourself of it? The warmth of a woman’s touch can be more than sensual, it can bring forth healing too. Our masseuse’s are trained in one of the most powerful and raw healing techniques out there: the power of connection and touch.

Submerse yourself and begin a journey through the planes of your sensual desires and let one of our girls in deep so she can open up your pleasure chakras and align the rest so you may feel completely satisfied and connected to the world and her. Allow yourself to feel the healing power of human intimacy. That is what tantric massages have to offer and we’re waiting for you to join in the fun.


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