Pranayama Techniques

12 November 2016

In my last blog I whet your whistle with some facts about the amazing potential of simple breathing techniques, known as Pranayama in tantric practice, to enhance your sensual experience and increase the many benefits of your tantric massage. Simply breathing may not sound like much but it truly can have incredible effects on your overall wellbeing. Much of what even basic Pranayama can help you achieve are completely consistent with getting the most from your tantric massage. The most all encompassing sensual pleasure, the most relaxation and stress relief and the most of much more. Hence practicing these simple techniques during your massage or as part of a tantric lifestyle will speed you on your journey to total mastery of your senses.

Last week I introduced you to one of the most commonly practiced pranayama, bhramari breath, that is also a perfect starting point for anyone wishing to begin using breathing to further enhance their potential to receive the many benefits of an amazing tantric massage experience. The experienced practitioners on from Minx Massage will be equipped to guide your breath with the strokes of their soft and skilled hands. Yet a little input from you with the help of your newly acquired tantric knowledge, and your experience at the hands of one of these beautiful experts will be even more phenomenal and beneficial.

One of the many virtues of Bhramari is that it is completely safe to practice on your own, building up a confidence to use the technique for enhanced concentration, pleasure and relaxation with your partner, masseuse or in other areas of daily life. It is fundamentally a brilliant aid to concentration and mindfulness that can be channelled or used to benefit you in more ways that I could possibly write here!

To try Bhramari you should steal yourself some quiet time and find somewhere comfortable to sit with your legs crossed or in any simple seated position if you prefer. Try to keep your back straight, take a regular breath or two and remind yourself of all the incredible things I have told you about this technique and how you are about to achieve them! This will put you in a positive and open mindset to begin achieving the perfect Bhramari technique. Anyone with tantric experience will tell you these is no reason to doubt your ability to master your body or the wonderful benefits you will enjoy once you let tantra into your life.

Now as you exhale, part your lips slightly and breathe out entirely through the mouth. Make a low pitched humming with the very back of your mouth and throat. If it helps imagine you are conjuring a base note. Hold this for the full length of your exhalation. Focus your mind on the sensations you are conjuring in your throat, as each sound wave vibrates across your tongue, teeth and onto your lips before heading out into the world. Repeat 6-10 times to begin feeling the effect.

I can’t wait for this simple technique to have a positive effect in your life!

Peace, love, pleasure and relaxation from Clara 

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