Pranayama Tantric Massage

18 February 2017

Every single thing your body does is important, from the beating of your heart to the synapses going on in your brain. It’s all connected and it is what keeps you running. One thing most of these actions have in common is that we don’t tend to control them; your heart beats without you thinking about it, your stomach digests food and your brain thinks and all you have to do for these things to happen is to be alive. There is one very important part of this perfect machine that you do have control over: your breathing.

Breath is the first thing that happens to show us we’re alive in this world. We are pulled from the loins of our mothers and cry out to let the world know we’re here. From then on for every moment in our lives we have a different sort of breathing. Sadly, somewhere along the way the correct breathing form is lost and we’re left breathless (and not in a good way) at the first signs of agitation.

The art of breathing correctly and using breath intentionally is called Pranayama and it’s one of the most important aspects of tantric massages. When you breathe you’re basically telling your body how to feel, how to react and how to deal with stimulus. By breathing correctly you can change your entire reaction from negative to positive. By oxygenating your body correctly, Tantra tells us that you’ll not only be able to last longer but decide when and where your intention is going. By breathing rapidly you’ll be able to accelerate certain processes and by controlling your breath you’ll be able to spill all your sensuality into another person. The art of breathing is so closely tied to tantric arts that it’s usually the first thing a tantrica does to prepare you for a fuller enjoyment of the session.

Learning how to breathe can be a life changing experience and through tantric massages you’ll be able to see life completely different and truly get the pleasure out of life that you were supposed to in the first place. 

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