Power of Silence

07 October 2017

Everyone will always tell you that every tantric massage is unique to the client and no two massages are the same. This is, of course, true but there are elements that you might see come up in different massages over and over. Sometimes this element is the use of certain techniques and certain positions, also the breathing techniques (called Pranayama) are universal parts of tantric massages. One of these recurring moments of tantric massages that you might find yourself with is being comfortable in silence.

A lot of people associate passion and lust with moaning, screaming and talking. Anyone that has been through a tantric massage can tell you that there are moments when your masseuse might ask you to be loud or you choose to express yourself verbally in a loud manner. This is well and true but there are also divine moments of silence. When we are silent we can express ourselves differently. Also, being silent is something we sometimes underestimate as a powerful weapon. A moment of silence in your massage can be a moment of clarity, a moment of introspection and even a moment of meditation. When we are quiet is the best time for us to see with our mind’s eyes and that means being able to feel more vividly. Moments of silence are the moments when your masseuse doesn’t stop physical contact but she might work in a light breathing technique, let you enjoy a moment of quiet reflection or simply something like laying your head on her chest to listen to her heart beat. She might bring your hands closer together to share their warmth with you or even do something like staring into each other’s eyes. The idea is to help you experience another way in which you will learn the pleasure of the small nuances of sensual touch.

Silence is a very powerful tool when it comes to sensuality and the more you learn to use you will realize that while passion can be loud it most certainly can also be silent. 

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