Power of Pranayama

07 November 2016

For my first blog post I’m going to tell you all about what we tantric masseuses’ call Pranayama and teach you some of the basics to enhance your erotic massage experience. A few simple techniques can increase your pleasure as well as many of the benefits of a tantric massage. Don’t worry if it all seams a bit theoretical for now as your beautiful professional masseuses will surely guide you through practicing the technique during your massage if you express an interest. But first, curiosity is key and before we reap the benefits we must practice discipline and… learn!

In the years I have been practicing tantra I have seen the incredible benefit pranayama can have for clients, increasing the powers of pleasure and relaxation brought to you by a skilled masseuse. Pranayama literally means the science of life, as ‘prana’ translates from ancient Sanskrit as the life force or vital principle. All things good in tantra are channeled through the prana because afterall, that is you; your body and your spirit – life.

It sounds very spiritual for now but quite simply put this a technique of controlling your breath to channel your energies most effectively and enhance the tantric sensations. Anyone can practice pranayama during their tantric massage or daily life. It is the breathing technique yogis teach in your average, quality yoga class.

I will start you off on your path to enhancing your tantric experience for improved health, better relaxation and deeper pleasure through breathing with some basic techniques. You can build on these with tips from my future blogs but for now this is a great foundation in pranayama. 

Bhramari Breath is known for it’s potential to increase concentration and discipline. It perfect for fully experiencing the sensual benefits of your tantric massage as well as building up that much needed self restraint to ensure you get the full mind blowing erotic massage experience! It is known to have many physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It’s buzzing sound, infamous amongst us tantric practitioners, creates a resting base note to drown out the noise of the world or an overly anxious mind.

Now I’ve surely whet your curiosity and you probably can’t wait to start trying some Pranayama techniques. Lucky for you I will be blogging some step by step Bhramari instructions next week! I really can’t wait to tell you more. 

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