Personal Pleasure

30 April 2017

Often tantric massages are seen as something that people do for other people. There are plenty of articles out there discussing how tantric massages can help you get better at lasting longer in bed or even learning how to teach others about what it is that you want to happen in bed. These things aren’t bad because the people who pursue them are basically just looking to help others receive more pleasure but the truth is that tantric massages can also be used to better ourselves in general and not focus on others. Tantric massages can actually be a great personal experience where you put yourself first and don’t necessarily think of other people around you. That might seem a little selfish but being a little selfish sometimes is not only okay but good for you.

Tantric massages can actually help you deal with issues that stem from loving yourself. You might think that is silly from a massage that is all about sensuality and sexual pleasure but actually the people that are the most comfortable with themselves are those that are also capable of allowing someone else to please them. By engaging with your masseuse in a tantric massage you are allowing someone to love you and if you can’t love yourself then the massage is going to be a lot less effective. Your masseuse will show you through physical pleasure just how important your body is, how important it is to allow yourself to please it and to let others get close. Your ‘problematic’ areas will become focal points of pleasure and instead of hiding those areas you will be welcoming someone to touch them and to make them feel good.

Self-love is just as important to Tantra as you being able to please others because, in the end, Tantra teaches us to love ourselves first and then to use that energy and help others feel as amazing as you do. So, no matter what your body looks like remember there is a tantric masseuse out there in London waiting for you to come and be taught how incredible it is to love yourself. 

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