Our Tantric Practices

13 February 2017

Tantric masseuses can appear to be mysterious and enigmatic. They’re incredibly talented, smart and honestly stunning to the eyes, sometimes they might even seem a little intimidating with their ability to make any man and woman feel things that are incredible, sensual and even enlightening. You’d think that they’ve seen it all and there is absolutely nothing that you can teach them during your time together. Well, think again.

Tantric masseuses aren’t just human beings but their very nature is to be curious and to always be on the lookout for things they can learn. While there are plenty of things that they learn on their own about sex and sensuality, every time they go into a massage with you they’re also learning as much as you are. She’s learning from the way their caresses slow your breath or quicken your heartbeat. She’s learning how to silently communicate with you and how to have both of your bodies dance in a way that is the most beneficial to your pleasure but also to hers. Remember this is not simply a one way street and she is enjoying helping you get the most pleasure.

There is really no need to be intimidated by tantric masseuses and no need to think that they’re not interested in learning things from you too. Things she learns she uses in her next sessions and they help her grow as a tantrica and also as a person. Tantric masseuses might seem mysterious and perfect but underneath they are just someone who’s learned a skill that she enjoys helping others learn about too. If you ever want to ask your masseuse what she’s learned from you don’t be shy and remember that this is a dance, not a magisterial class. 

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