Our Talented Masseuses

15 February 2016


When you book a tantric massage, you want to lie back and let a skilled masseuse provide you with a touch that not only soothes, but awakens deep, hidden sensations. Here at Minx Massage, we understand  that. We also understand that you require the upmost in discretion, and that every single one of our clients is entirely unique in how they feel and what makes them tick. And that is why we provide the best tantric massage service in London!

All of our masseuses have a background in massage therapy and if you have a concern about a certain area of your body, please do let us know so we can see what we can do to help you. Some of our girls have worked in resorts and salons in world famous destinations before they decided to work right here in England’s glorious capital and we can match you up with a tantric goddess with experience in your area of concern.

When our girls come to us, we interview them personally to ensure that they have the qualities we are looking for. They are warm, sensitive, intelligent beauties - with a genuine desire to please. They love what they do and they do it exceptionally well!

We provide our girls with training in ancient Eastern tantric practices, which works on the concept that the body is capable of experiencing much more pleasure than you might initially think. There are various techniques that can encourage the arousal of feelings from deep within the body to take you to whole new levels of desire. Our tantric masseuses have an understanding of these techniques - all you have to do is lie back and relax and let your wondrous tantric goddess get to work on your entire body!

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