New Year Resolutions

14 January 2016

New Year is the time for good resolutions, but by now many of us are already losing our will power, in fact polls show that by now 71% of us who made New Year resolutions will have already reneged on our good intentions.

For the vast majority of us, our resolutions are related to our well-being, with resolutions which attempt to improve diet and physical health topping the polls as the most popular of all good intentions. Reducing stress is also a popular resolution, especially amongst those living in London and other capital cities.

Yet often these good intentions seem hard to keep, especially once we are thrown back into our busy schedules of work or travel. With conflicting demands of work, family and making time for our own well being, it tends to be the latter which we compromise on the most. Yet without care for our physical and psychological health, none of us are able to function at our best, making such a compromise counterproductive.

Perhaps it’s the fact that the resolutions we often make are somewhat self-punishing that dooms many of us to fail in our resolve. When we are busy and stressed already, it can be hard to make time for yet another activity which seems to offer no immediate pleasurable sensation. If this is the case for you, you are most certainly not alone. So perhaps it’s time to factor in something which increases health, reduces stress and also provides enjoyment.

At Minx Massage we believe a little pleasure, pampering & relaxation goes a long way towards improving well-being. With massage having so many proven health benefits, and erotic tantric massage therapy having such a positive impact on emotional and sexual health, our tantric massage clients often comment on how one sensual and indulgent lunchtime session with their favourite London masseuse is able to provide them with a renewed vigor so as to better face the demands of a hectic afternoon of business meetings ahead, or how an erotic yet calming evening session allows them to forget the cares of their day and refocus their mind so as to better relax. Many of our international clients adore our late night London outcall massages, finding a pampering body to body massage the perfect way to banish jet lag; the ladies will bring soft music, luxury oils and scented candles with them, so all you need do is lay back and prepare to be lulled into a state of blissful, arousing relaxation, without even having to step outside your hotel room.

Do feel free to ask us for recommendations on our tantric massage therapies and masseuses so we can best tailor the session to your desires. Let’s make 2016 a happy, healthy and, most of all, a pleasurable one for ourselves.

Wishing you  best wishes for the New Year from all of us here at Minx Massage. Xx

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