Mindfulness and Tantra

28 May 2016

Paying attention is an integral part of tantric massages. This means not letting any part of the massage just brush over you but truly allowing your attention to be directed toward that part of the experience. Since the moment the gorgeous woman walks through the door you will certainly be paying attention, looking at the way she moves, the way her hips sway from side to side, the color of her sun kissed skin and the way her mouth is formed. Take in everything about this person; they are there for you to appreciate from head to toe.
After that, comes the part of the massage where your attention is focused on the oils being spread on your body. Try to focus on exactly where the oil goes and how it makes you feel. Don’t let yourself get side tracked by just one area of your body but try to focus your attention to all areas. From the way your skin feels warm and pampered to how your senses tingle slightly at the relaxing aromas you’re experiencing. The hands spreading the oils on your body feel soft and gentle at first and then sometimes feel arousing and sensual.

When blood begins to flow to your most sensitive areas try not to focus just on that, as difficult as it may be. Try to focus your attention to the rest of your body and allow that centered sensitivity to spread through every organ and every cell. This is the truest form of concentration, not allowing it to just be in one area but for it to spread as far as it can and with as much intensity. This is the key to achieving full body sensual stimulation and release. If you can feel the energy flow from every part of your body radiating from your main sensual organ then you can feel the waves of energy be released from every spot that’s being stimulated. This takes time and practice but is there ever a practice more tantalizing than that of sensual pleasure?


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