Meditation & Tantra For Couples

25 May 2018

A lot of people think that tantric massages are nothing but sex covered up as a massage. I was one of them. When my partner brought up the idea of having a tantric massage I about freaked out thinking that there was something wrong and that this was something I should leave him for. It was rather dramatic.

However, after doing some research on my own I found that with the right masseuse tantric massages could be a very eye opening and fulfilling experience for both men and women. Still, I was skeptical and I decided to set some ground rules. I still wanted both of us to enjoy our massages but first I needed to trust the process.

We decided that I would have a solo massage first and then him. That way I felt he trusted me in order to trust him.

Of course the massages worked wonderfully and I was now willing to go together. I didn’t know what to expect once there were two people being massages instead of one but I can tell you I didn’t miss being alone with my masseuse. Having both of us there felt magical.

Many people have asked me exactly what happened and all I can say is that we were both so close together in a way that I had never been closed to him before. It was like meditating with our whole bodies, like we were sitting together and touching while being touched and feeling more comfortable than ever.

This sensual meditation was something that we were later able to try at home too.

We have often done it on our own and it has led to some of the best sex and most amazing orgasms of my life. We will often joke that tantric massages made us stronger but actually I think they simply made our relationship much more open to the wonders of meditation and sensuality.

If your partner is thinking about tantric massages and you are freaking out a little I say try it for yourself and see how you feel. I bet you that before long you’re going to be singing praises for tantric massages.


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