Meditation & Sensual Massage

13 December 2017

A lot of people are shocked to know that tantric massages can actually include guided meditation during the massage. This is probably because when we think of tantric massages sitting down with our eyes closed and trying to forget our bodies is not the first thing that comes to mind. Thankfully, tantric masseuses who are well trained know that a guided mediation can bring a lot out of a client and even help their senses be more in tune to the movements of her body. Even though each masseuse will have her own way to bring mediation into the massage here are some ways you might not realize that tantric massages can involve a deeply meaningful meditation.

The first thing you need to realize is that meditation is actually not just closing your eyes and being still. Of course that is one way to do it but while you’re sitting down keeping your masseuse close will actually anchor you to something. The feeling of her hands against yours, of your breath as she exhales so close to you will not only help you breathe better but also have a calming effect. This has the added bonus of you not knowing when your next stimulation of the sin is coming and the anticipation will make it so you can barely contain yourself.

Another way in which meditation can come in a tantric massage is at the end of the massage. Sometimes people find that the last couple of minutes spent simply in deep mediation while breathing are intrinsic to healing and if your masseuse lies on top of you that pressure is also a great way to complete calm you done after your massage is over. A lot of people don’t realize it but it’s one of the great benefits of tantric massages ending in a deep “weighted” meditation.

Finally, meditation can be had in other forms during the massage, from sitting together in silence, hands touching to simply being asked to think off your goals for the massage and repeat them a few times to yourself until they sink in. Whatever it is though trust your masseuse and that she has in mind nothing but the best for you. 

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