Meditation And Massage

21 May 2017

For a lot of newcomers to Tantric Massages meditation is something they might never have had an experience with so they might be shocked to know that tantric massages are a form of meditation and that your masseuse might add actual meditation to your session. However if you are new to all this make sure that you do not worry and do not think that simply because a masseuse is adding it to your massage that it will be taking away from your sensual experience. Meditation can actually be a great tool to help both you and your masseuse become closer and also to relax you with touch as well as with the beautiful art of just being quiet for a moment. The time in which you will be in what most people would call ‘regular’ meditation will vary from massage to massage but take a moment now to consider how wonderful those moments can be. It is just you and your masseuse and you will be very close. Some masseuses will join hands and move their hands a bit through the massage while others might begin to massage the client’s back as they take slow deep breaths. Like most meditation this is all done with your eyes closed so you will be able to feel more than seeing. Sure, we all know men are very much so visual beings and love seeing their masseuses as they work but this is all about new experiences, do not write it off just because it is new to you!

Enjoy your moment of peace with your masseuse, follow her instructions and let her know if something is not working. But do not be too fast to do so! Give it some time, melt into the sound of her voice, imagine what she looks like as her fingers run across your palm, up your arms and maybe even around your shoulders. Feel as your skin reacts to the places where the oil has been placed, imagine her body as she moves with a divine rhythm toward you and then when you are both ready open your eyes and let the massage begin. 

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