Massage Oils

13 January 2018

You might be surprised to hear this but what oils are used for a tantric massage is a very important part of the massage itself!

As many of you know tantric massages are a complete body experience and while a lot of people take that to mean that you are going to be having a tactile experience through your entire body what many don’t realize is that touch is only one of the ways you can be stimulated.

Tantric massages go much beyond just simple touch though and the experience needs to be powerful enough that it lingers but gentle enough that it heals. This is why when it comes to using oils in the massage itself they need to be specifically selected for the client.

A client who is spiritually open and ready to have a massage that helps them dive deep into their psyche might require an oil with a gentle scent that evokes the power of the mind. An oil with a hint of lavender and maybe a base of almond will not only penetrate deeply into the skin but help the client relax and enjoy the deep and spiritual aspects of their massage.

Then you have the clients that want something a lot more exotic, a massage that helps them be transported from the cold streets of London to the warmed and much more erotic beaches of the new world. These clients might favor a massage oil with a more potent scent, something like a coconut oil with hints of cardamom and cinnamon or maybe something fresh like rose oil with peppermint just to awaken all of their sensations.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to oils and their combinations and finding the one right for you shouldn’t be a problem for your masseuse. The only thing you need to worry about is enjoying your time, keeping an open mind and making sure you take it all in because it is definitely going to be a fun ride, no matter what your masseuse does. 

Of course if you have a preference regarding aromas used then there is always time at the beginning of the session to discuss this, during the informal chat which occurs prior to the session, which your masseuse uses to gage an understanding of what it is you'd like to experience. Some clients have a business meeting, a social event or a private life to return to after their session and would rather not risk any lingering scents; the ladies are well aware of this and will always have a scentless oil available for use should this be your preference.


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