Massage For Happiness

04 September 2016

The little things in life are what make the entire thing. It’s those simple moments we sometimes take for granted. It sounds like something you’ve heard before, because it probably is, but the reason you hear about it over and over is because it’s true. There are tiny instances in life which simply make it memorable. Think of big events in your life like weddings, a child’s birth or a great relationship. Those things don’t all register perfectly in our brains but what we do remember is the little moments and those usually include another person. A first kiss, a gentle caress, or a scent are the things that stick out most in our minds. This is because it’s those actions that end up being the ones to release the hormones that most stimulate our happiness. This is one of the main reasons that we are social beings… we cannot function correctly without someone else there to touch us. Lack of human touch can actually be very detrimental to our health and lead us to become insecure and eventually depressed. This doesn’t mean we need touch all the time but we do need it and pretending we don’t takes you nowhere.

So if you’re lacking a bit of physical attention in your life perhaps you should look into safe and healthy ways of getting some. For example if you live in London you might call for an outcall erotic massage. This is not a booty call but an actual massage that will help you get a healthy dose of human contact in a way where it feels sexy and sensual. The difference between this and other massages is that while you’re being massaged you’re also connecting yourself to others. Regular massages are very much individual experience and the masseuse usually doesn’t even emotionally engage with the client. When you get a tantric massage it’s quite the opposite which means you’ll get a complete bonding experience through the whole process.

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