Masculine Energy in Tantra

14 August 2017

A lot of men come to Tantra wondering how they can feel masculine when the massage is all about letting go of your power. Truly during the massage you are the receiver and not the giver which tends to be something associated with femininity. No man wants to feel emasculated so it is normal to wonder how you can feel powerful when you are essentially powerless.

Well, the first thing you need to realize is that you will at no point be powerless during your massage. You have the power to change its course, stop it, keep it going and so on. A tantric massage is in no way about making one person more powerful than the other but about establishing the masseuse as someone who will give while you receive. You will both be at the same level of power, just performing different actions through it. Your masseuse will offer and you can accept or decline her offerings.

Now that that is settled let’s talk about masculinity. We must remember that our thought of what is masculine or feminine comes from western standards and Tantra is not a western practice. For Tantra masculinity means being able to understand that a woman is a sensual being, allowing her to seduce you, to take you from the realm of the physical to the realm of the emotional. It is not about the dichotomy of masculine and feminine but about realizing that we can be both and still remain true to ourselves. We have to find balance and in that balance we can become whole.

So, don’t feel that Tantra will try to take any of your masculinity, instead realize that by pushing to be only one thing you are actually missing out on being whole. By the time the massage is over you will feel more powerful than ever and realize that you have the power to be as masculine as you want to be but that indulging in some emotions every now and then will definitely do you no harm and might even make you much more popular with the ladies. 

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