Many Types of Tantra

16 April 2017

A simple search on the internet for the words ‘tantric massage’ can yield many different kinds of results. From those that assure you that this is the hottest and sexiest experience in the world to those that can assure you that they’ve never felt so emotional and calm. Some people talk in spiritual terms of the massages and some talk in raw graphic detail of the beauty and sensuality of the massages themselves. It is so much information that it becomes hard to discern what is right and what is wrong. Because there has to be a simple truth to this, right? Massages can’t be all this at the same time.

The truth is that you’re right, tantric massages can’t be everything at once but they can, however, be everything. You see, tantric massages aren’t a simple by the numbers experience. In fact, Tantra is anything but predictable and many people experience all different kinds of emotions with different massages. Sometimes they are all about the sexual energy and passion and sometimes they can be able the gentle tenderness of soft touch. It’s never the same twice and each masseuse has a different signature touch.

Yes, tantric massages tend to be described as being sexy and they are indeed rather sexy but there are so many different ways of being sexy and feeling sexy. From a lovely walk on the beach at night to salsa dancing in hot summer night it can all be seen as sexy. So your massage will just depend on the mood, on your masseuse and on your ability to read you, to bring out the best of you and to find what you truly think is intimate. For some people spirituality is the most intimate form of contact and if that is not achieved the massage will be enjoyable but not deep enough while for others it’s all about how sensual it all is and the feelings that are only skin deep and that’s fine too. The point of tantric massages is that everyone feels satisfied on the deepest level possible so what you need is to be open, to let your masseuse in far enough and she will be able to pull on all the right strings to give you the time of your life. 

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