Many Beautiful Masseuses

18 June 2016


Having a regular masseuse brings great benefits but having several different masseuses can also bring its fair share of delights in life. You don’t have to stick to the norm when it comes to masseuses and trying different massages with different beauties from all around the globe might just be what you need to feel that rush of adrenaline so characteristic and necessary during our sessions.

New hands on your skin every other night, new conversation, new experiences… If you’re the kind of person that likes to experience all life has to offer instead of sticking to one thing then why not book an appointment with one beautiful masseuse one night and a second lady the the next? All women are sure to be sexy, passionate and yet ones exotic and free spirited nature might be a nice contrast to the second lady’s classical beauty and elegant poise.

At Minx Massage we have ladies of many nationalities, appearances and with their own unique style of massage. Every girl has a story, something you have been dying to ask her ever since her smoldering stare crossed paths with yours, and if you want your tantric massages to go even deeper and reach further then having a better connection with your masseuses (all of them!) is just the way to achieve this. Listen to your masseuses laugh, learn what makes them tick and in turn you can open up to them and learn about their wild and crazy lives or their exotic adventures. All of our girls are not just sexy but intelligent humans who love to please and be pleased, just like anyone else. They already know you on one level so why not enjoy the benefits of knowing on a whole other one? 

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