Managing Arousal

12 November 2017

We all want to last a little longer in bed. There are a million and one reasons as to why we would want to just have those extra minutes but whatever the reason most of us want it done naturally. Taking pills is a bit of a pain and let’s face it, you don’t want to be that guy with the little blue pill no matter how old you are… and much less do you want to be the guy remembered for counting to 100 in order to last a minute longer. No, you want to be the man who is in control of his own pleasure, and able to give his partner the time of her life too.

Instead of going for chemical stuff try something truly natural… in fact it is so natural you won’t even need your clothes on for it. Tantric and erotic massages have actually been proven to help you last longer and, better still, feel more pleasure, throughout your sexual encounters and they are actually as close to one as you can get. So basically you are going to be practicing what it would be like to push longer and harder without getting judged for it. Your masseuse will teach you techniques and ways to concentrate that make having sex (when it does happen) a longer and more pleasurable experience.

One massage might not make the biggest difference but hopefully you like what you get and will come back for more. This is one pill that is not at all tough to swallow so if you don’t see a big change the first time you will definitely still want to come back for more and before you know it you will be lasting as long as you want.

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