Making Time To Relax

22 October 2017

Some people find the idea of doing anything for any extended period of time a bit daunting. One of the best examples of this is how sometimes something as simple as going to the gym can seem like an extremely difficult task just because we are going to be unable to look at our phones or check our emails for a certain amount of time. For some of the older generation this might seem extreme but for us who grew up with so much technology around us it seems completely normal to be worried about spending time away from our electronics.

So how do you factor in something like a tantric massage when you don’t want to be away from your phone? Well the first thing is to accept that you won’t need your phone during the time. Seriously, tantric massages might seem long in paper but the time goes by really fast… remember, you are having fun!

Another thing that is important for those that have high demanding jobs or even people who have a serious need to check their social media or even upload content is to actually plan your day knowing that for a couple of hours you won’t be around your phone. So, if you have a tantric massage scheduled in for 10 pm on Sunday night then make sure that you get everything you wanted done before that time so that you don’t have to worry about it. Also, knowing beforehand that you are going to be busy while your massage is happening will give you more peace of mind.

In the end you have to make your schedule work for you and trust us when we say you are not going to get fired for taking time off during your off days (if you schedule a tantric massage during working hours that might not be the most beneficial) and not answering a text message right away won’t truly impact your life. So, get out there and relax with the amazing power of Tantra! 

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