Making Time For Tantra

27 March 2017

A lot of people that come to tantric massages come with a goal in mind and they wonder after how many massages they will see any improvement to whichever area they’re planning to evolve in. This ‘get it done’ mentality is so typical of our culture that we apply it even to the things that are supposed to be enjoyable. Tantric massages aren’t only about the fact that you can improve at something (and you definitely will, don’t worry) but also about spending some time doing something that is not only good for you but truly a moment of complete and exhaustive relaxation. Also, there is no set time for you to improve at what you want to. It might take two massages it might take fifty but the truth is that wherever you want to be… it’s just an ideal and ideals can sometimes be a bit misleading. The best mindset to go into a massage and even a tantric journey in general is to allow the learning to basically wash over you and not have a set goal by a set date but actually just have a good time in the process.

The process of getting better at Tantra can vary for each person and what they’re working on but whatever that is just remember you’re here to have fun, to feel passion, to get to know your body and, in the end, to do something completely different from the norm. You will see progress but, like with most things, progress might be slow, it might creep up on you and one day you’ll remember how you couldn’t even hold your masseuse’s eyes while she was touching your skin for a couple of seconds and now you can do that and so much more. You’ll realize how much easier it might be to just be in the moment, to let your body enjoy the touch of another person, their voice, their body and not worry so much about anything but you and her. It’s progress and you might not always see it but it will always be there. 

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