Making Time For Sensuality

04 March 2017

We live in a society that is frequently making us feel stretched too thin and lacking in time to look after our own wellbeing in addition to meeting all our responsibilties. You’re running out of time for something constantly and it’s truly a terrifying sensation that can seriously impact on our psychological health. So what can we do to alleviate this stress in life? Well… we can learn to see time differently through our sensuality. Truly this is possible through the art of Tantra. When people see time as a clock that is constantly running to hurry us they become stressed and constantly are in fear of losing time or losing themselves in the arms of that dreaded clock, but with Tantra time suddenly stops being your enemy and becomes your greatest ally in the search for ecstasy.

Spending time with your masseuse can help immeasurably … having her take her time to carress your body with oil and then teasingly wait until you’re both ready to begin. It’s about slowing down and realising the slower she goes the more pleasure you’ll feel. She can let her fingers linger on your neck and you’ll feel the urge to have her do more and yet having her fingers there (or anywhere) will feel so good you’ll realise that time is going by so much slower. It’s about taking your time to feel every inch of her body and yours and feel the closeness of another person. The clock will no longer be rushing, but on the contrary, it will slow down just for you in the moment.

Many clients say that when they spend time with their masseuses sometimes they lose all track of time, that they’re so relaxed by the time the session ends that they’ve miraculously dropped their former stresses. This philosophy can be applied to life itself and you will begin to enjoy every minute to the point it lasts longer and you can do your best to bring the most out of it. 

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