Living in the Moment

22 January 2017

Something that most people have a hard time with is living in the moment. In fact some people think that by doing exactly what they’re doing that means that they’re automatically in the moment. But living in the moment is a lot harder than people realize. Think of anything you did today and what was going through your mind at the moment. When you were at the gym you wondered when you’d look the way you want to look. As you ran on the treadmill you kept thinking of when it was going to be over. At work your head was somewhere else, somewhere in the future? The past?

Tantric massages can be the answer to your wandering mind and help bring you from your world of fantasy to a world of current reality. When you’re having a tantric massage the most important thing is to forget the future and anything else that might be wandering in your brain. What you need to do is present, be in the moment and enjoy every breath, every caress, every stroke and every word. The more present you are the more you’ll be able to get closer and closer to your masseuse and the more present you are the more pleasure you’ll be able to feel. That’s why it’s so important to remember that tantric massages have only one goal, to make you feel good. Whether that happens it’s up to you and whether you reach your full potential that’s also up to you. You have one task during and that’s to feel everything and to enjoy every moment. Your chosen masseuse will offer guidance during the session, subtly changing her rhythms and guiding your breath as you fall in step with each others’ energies.

Taking this to your every-day life will have a wonderful effect; you’ll begin to see the world differently and find the beauty in everything and learn how to simply enjoy the now. Who knows maybe you might actually want to slow down and smell the roses too. 

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