Lesbian Massage

21 August 2016

Some people think that tantric massages are often only for men to receive but the truth is that women can also greatly benefit from another woman’s touch much in a way that a man can. The idea behind tantric massages being for men originated because they’re often not targeted toward women but a lesbian massage in London can be a wonderful experience for both parties.

Women massaging women and lesbian massages are as old as time and with us you’re guaranteed to have the very best lesbian massage in London. A woman knows a woman’s body and touching it can feel very familiar and exciting. For the woman receiving the massage it can even feel like she’s doing something new and forbidden, making the experience all the more stirring. The delicate hands caressing the familiar curves, the voice that sounds less commanding and more softening, more beckoning, can help another woman release her inner sensual goddess and between them the energy can be almost pulsating. A woman’s body is pampered completely as the lesbian massage is as thorough as the male massage with the woman’s body being gently touched, explored and stimulated.

Both bodies will blend as your masseuse synchronises your breathing and your movements. Women love to touch each other because it’s familiar, delicate and safe. There is no need to hide with another woman and no need to act out for someone who doesn’t really know their body. Women’s bodies are soft against each other’s, their hands glide seamlessly from one area to the next and the final energy release is so much more potent than for men, not to mention that when it comes to lesbian massages there is no need to teach another woman to hold back or to let go a couple of times in a single session because it’s something they naturally know how to do. 


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