Learning To Love Our Selves

17 March 2018

Have you ever been told to bloom where you are planted? Have you ever wondered that that phrase means? Essentially it means to work with what you’ve got. Let’s face it, not everyone is happy with their lives and sometimes we feel like we got handed the short straw in some aspect. Blooming where you are planted seems almost impossible when you feel completely screwed over by luck.

And yet this is the body we are given, this is the life we are handed and we do have to bloom where we are planted but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it.

As someone who works with people who are looking to better their sex life I often get asked what they could do to better it. Honestly by having a tantric massage they are already taking the first step but a lot of people feel they need to change themselves or the way they have sex completely in order to have good sex. What most don’t realize is that the changes they need to make are all internal and it is mostly about accepting themselves.

Often when it comes to tantric massages my work is more about having someone learn to love the body they have and work with it than showing them new and exciting sensations. I have to show them that actually what they have is a huge potential for giving and receiving pleasure, and that they would be able to see it if they just stopped looking elsewhere to external solutions.

This is, of course, not just applicable to sex but to everything else in life, from work to family and relationships to anything in between. If you are in a bad situation of course you can change it but sometimes it’s not all that bad, we are just blinded by other flowers and fail to see the beauty in our own bloom. 

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