Introducing Tia

20 October 2016

Accomplished masseuse Tia is one of the jewels in the crown of the Minx Massage team of beautiful ladies. Known for her sweet and warm nature, Tia will quickly put you at ease as you relax and succumb to her charms. With two years of experience in sensual massage she knows every trick in the erotic book and loves to expand her tantric horizons. Soon you’ll be sharing your innermost fantasies with Tia and never looking back from the realm of bliss you have entered together.

Tia is more than just an accomplished pleasure maker; she is also well versed in the traditional Swedish massage technique. This is the Western World’s most commonly practiced massage therapy for good reason as it perfectly works away your knots and aches to relax your tired muscles. It is the perfect accompaniment to your tantric massage experience, especially when performed by a sexy and sensual lady such as Tia. This erotic and relaxing experience is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated, ready to face all the challenges of your daily life with confidence. A pampering session with Tia is the treat your body deserves. With her skills there is no chance you are getting anything short of perfection.

Tia travelled to us from Australia and this beautiful bombshell has not lost an ounce of her Aussie charms. From her sun kissed skin to luscious curves, this petite beauty boasts a body to die for. Join her in her Earl’s Court home for any massage therapy of your choosing. Tia is a true professional with a repertoire of skills she is eager to show off. You may also arrange for Tia to join you anywhere in Central London to provide a discreet outcall. Her skilled and soft hands are just a quick phone call away. There really is no reason to deny yourself Tia’s touch. 

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