Having Fun With Tantra

17 September 2017

A lot of the times when I read blogs or articles discussing Tantric massages I am shocked to find them so very serious. Of course some of them are simply seductive and that does play a great part in tantric massages but the truth is that tantric massages are not that serious. They can be of course but a lot of times people are surprised at the fact that tantric massages can also be a lot of fun! Fun as in you might even be tempted to laugh more than once during the whole thing.

When people think of seduction sometimes they tend to bring to mind this very serious atmosphere where a woman walks in, pushes them on the bed and never breaks a smile while she is ordering you around. That is pretty sexy but it is not the only type of sexy that there is. In fact research shows that being able to laugh around someone is actually just as important as being able to be vulnerable. So yes, tantric massages are also fun! You can even crack a joke at some point because no matter how gorgeous and cool you think your masseuse is she will love to break the ice with a smile too!

If you are here for the tie & tease kind of fantasy then you are going to have a great time but remember that things don’t always have to be so serious. In fact, for men it is very important to know that smiling isn’t a sign of vulnerability. Yes, many people insist that smiling or being ‘too chipper’ is not a good thing and we at Minx Massage say, screw what other people say. If you are nervous, if you want to smile because you are having a great time, if you want to laugh because you feel good and because you are having the most fun you’ve ever had with someone who is naked next to you… do it! Don’t allow yourself to be held back by the idea you have been fed about sensuality but instead make it your own and make it fun! 

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