Fusing Spirituality & Sensuality

10 March 2018

Spirituality is not often discussed among men. This is another one of those things that is left to the women to feel close to. Whether it be tarot cards, the bible or even crystals women are the ones that are thought to be naturally spiritual and even close to nature. This comes from the idea that women are the thinkers and men are the action oriented of the bunch. However men also have a brain to think and emotions to feel so feeling spiritual is something they are also more than capable of. The main point here is getting men to think of spirituality outside of the box, not just with their minds but with their bodies as they will find that through the physical plane spirituality will come much easier to them.

This is where tantric massages can be very helpful to men. During a tantric massage the main objective is to learn to enjoy touch and through touch men will find that being spiritual is possible. Touch during a tantric massage is, of course, extremely erotic and satisfying but it is not solely focused on the sexual pleasure a man can get out of it but the sensual introspection that can come from it. Anyone can give their partner a sexy massage so what happens during tantric massages is actually a lot deeper, a lot more geared toward bringing the mind into the equation. The gentle hands of your masseuse will not only make this possible but also rather enjoyable.

Of course there is a very important component to this journey that needs to be discussed, your willingness to partake in it. If you do not open your mind to connecting with your own spirituality then the massage will still be enjoyable but you will be missing an important component. So, if you want the full experience, do yourself a favor and as nude as your body is make sure your mind is also devoid of all those things that tell you that spirituality is silly or whatever else you might find yourself saying to yourself. Let go, enjoy feeling spiritual and see just how far you can go with it. 

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