Full Body Orgasms

23 December 2017

Everyone needs a little pick me up during the day. Some people reach for a latte and some people reach for a cake… I reach for full body orgasms.

What I do though is go home for an hour during my lunch break and have a tantric massage. The same thing happens when I am working remotely, I will set time aside and if I need it I will simply have a tantric massage and let me tell you few things are as good at picking me up as complete sensual satisfaction.

The fact I get to share that moment with someone, the fact I get to completely disconnect for an hour and enjoy being touched and pampered means when I come back my brain is completely cleared of all of the clutter from before and I have a fresh and new outlook on things. This is true especially on those days when getting tasks done is taking more out of me than usual. I take a step back, get my massage and suddenly those things bothering me seem to just be able to resolve themselves.

What if you don’t have the ability to have a massage during the day time? Well, you can definitely make time for them in the evening when you come home. Just take off your clothes, take a shower and wait for your gorgeous masseuse to show up. This means that you will be able to, again, clear your mind from work and also be able to go in the next day with new perspective. For those of us out there who are suffering through stress in the workplace this is also a great way to sleep all through the night.

All in all if you truly feel like you just need that extra time to relax don’t waste that precious time on things that won’t bring you any actual satisfaction or relaxation, instead book a tantric massage and see how quickly things can turn around for you. 

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