Experience of a London Tantrica

27 August 2017

I was with a client recently who asked me a very interesting question. He asked me what goes on behind the scenes of an erotic massage. The question baffled me a little so I asked for clarification and he told me he had recently watched a behind the scenes clip from a movie he likes and he noticed how much technical stuff goes into making a film and how when you see it from the perspective of the filmmaker it is actually quite boring to make a film that later looks amazing. So, he thought about me and about our time together and he wondered if like a film director I saw our massages differently because I knew the ‘behind the scenes’ work that goes into it. I thought it was a wonderful analogy and wanted to share it with others.

It is true that tantric masseuses see massages differently than our clients. Yes, there is a lot of technical stuff that goes into our ‘behind the scenes’ things like knowing the latest trends, staying up to date with our techniques, learning new ones, finding time to practice them and knowing how to react to our clients’ needs. Every massage has a very technical aspect but that does not mean that it is boring. I would never call our sessions boring! In fact for me every session is a very intimate learning experience.

Maybe I will see some things differently like I will see how you react to certain things and then have to adjust the massage I had in mind to fit your needs. Maybe I might have planned to meditate before the massage begins but notice you are not responding well to the meditation and want something that is a bit more about passion and lust. Those are things I have to watch out for but it is exhilarating, it is new, and it is exciting every time! I think the moment my sessions become boring to me I would have to take a step back and find my passion again because Tantra can be many things but never ever boring and trust me, you would notice if your masseuse is bored. 

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